Welcome to the UO area Pakmail!

Pak Mail 571
1292 High St
Eugene, Oregon 97401
Phone (541)343-1313
Fax (541)687-0809

Pakmail on High Street is:

Locally owned and operated

Enviro-friendly – We use recycled packing materials

Close to the University of Oregon in Eugene

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Support For The Student Movement

Students, moving home or back to school and canít fit everything into your car? Call Pak Mail. We pack and ship computers, stereos, bikes and everything else.

A Delicate Proposition

Pak Mail has all the packaging supplies you need to protect your fragile belongings.

We Ship
Anything... REALLY

When we say we'll ship anything, anywhere.. we mean it! Click here to visit out photo gallery and see some of the items we've shipped!

PAKMAIL ® / 1290 High St. / Eugene, OR / 97401